1 oven, need to bake 2 dishes, what temp??

For thanksgiving, will be making spiral ham that cooks for 375 for about 1.5 hrs. Would like to cook stuffing at the same time which cooks at 350 for 40 mins. Which temperature is best to cook at and how should I adjust cooking times to achieve best results?

  • Posted by: x3linda
  • November 16, 2014


kimhw November 17, 2014
Your ham will need to rest. Cook the stuffing then.
Sam1148 November 16, 2014
For 25 degrees diffrence it won't matter that much with stuffing. Just keep it covered...maybe put it in a bit late before ham target is reached.

The ham is going to need to rest about 20 or 30 mins before serving. At that time it should be out of the oven...and You SHOULD be busy making a red-eye gravy with the ham dippings for the ham at that time. (with a touch of all spice, cinnamon, cloves, and coffee--even if it comes with a packet...add some of the dippings back in..and adjust for seasoning. )
While you're while your making the gravy and the ham is resting the stuffing in the oven will be the least of of your worries. It'll be fine...pop it in 10 mins before the ham is done, remove ham, turn down oven, let ham rest while stuffing is cooking.

pierino November 16, 2014
I would most likely turn the oven temp down for the last 30 minutes and begin cooking the stuffing. The cardinal rule is "it's done when it's done". No two ovens are calibrated exactly the same. I use a Thermapen instant read to check for doneness. The ham can sit outside the oven tented with foil until your stuffing is finished.
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