A question about a recipe: Hervé This' Chocolate Mousse

I have a question about step 2 on the recipe "Hervé This' Chocolate Mousse" from Genius Recipes. It says:

"Put the saucepan in a bowl partly filled with ice cubes (or pour into another bowl over the ice -- it will chill faster), then whisk the chocolate sauce, either manually with a whisk or with an electric mixer (if using an electric mixer, watch closely -- it will thicken faster). Whisking creates large air bubbles in the sauce, which steadily thickens. After a while strands of chocolate form inside the loops of the whisk. Pour or spoon immediately into ramekins, small bowls or jars and let set." Can I swirl in Grand Marnier and orange zest at this point, or will it seize up?

E Yun
  • Posted by: E Yun
  • November 4, 2012
Hervé This' Chocolate Mousse
Recipe question for: Hervé This' Chocolate Mousse


Kristen M. November 4, 2012
You should be able to do it while the mousse is still a bit warm and loose, but even if it does seize up, there are instructions in step 3 for how to salvage it. Re-melting it gently shouldn't knock out too much of the booze.
E Y. November 4, 2012
Thank you for your reply. If I want to keep the alcohol edge of the Grand Marnier, would it be possible to add it to the mousse as it is setting without it seizing up on me? Thanks again.
Kristen M. November 4, 2012
The easiest is to replace some of the water with Grand Marnier in the beginning, so you don't have to coordinate adding another liquid later -- in the comments on the recipe a lot of people had success this way. Hope you like it!
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