Has anyone made this using a Vitamix? Do you think it would work or too much power?

Hervé This' Chocolate Mousse
Recipe question for: Hervé This' Chocolate Mousse


sexyLAMBCHOPx May 15, 2013
Not with the Vitamix. The KA hand mixer did the job quickly.
susan G. May 14, 2013
Since you asked the question 2 months ago, have you tried it yet? Results?
healthierkitchen May 14, 2013
It comes together really quickly and isn't difficult - quicker than whipped cream for example. But the transformation happens quite suddenly.
Fortunata May 13, 2013
I would be less concerned about having too much power and more concerned about the fact that his recipe calls for chilling the mixture as it's mixed.

Here's a totally different take on chocolate mousse that's made with a Vitamix: http://joyofblending.com/chocolate-almond-mousse-simple-fast-vegan/
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 12, 2013
Yes, I do. I didnt think it would work. Thank you very much.
Sam1148 March 12, 2013
Actually, on further reading of the recipe (I read to quickly). It looks like you DON'T want emulsion. So, maybe just a stainless bowl and whisk for better control.
Either way, it looks like a learning thing. Good luck.
Sam1148 March 12, 2013
I don't think so. It looks like it needs to be blended to incorporate air into the mix. Something that vitamix doesn't really do. Do you have a stick blender with a aerator disk?
Or put in the stick blender in tall bar glass and lift to incorporate air.
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