k.a. The Judy Bird)" from Genius Recipes. I have a recipe that calls for a butter rub, mixed with pancetta and herbs just before roasting; no brini...

...ng. Is there any issue if I put butter rub under the skin and salt the outside three days in advance

Leslie Whitten


russ P. November 7, 2012
that's the right answer. you can add the butter just before roasting, though. sounds good, inf act. by the way, one year i tried basting half of the turkey with butter and not basting the other half at all and found only a very slight difference in browning. think spf 30 v. spf 35.
Leslie W. November 6, 2012
That makes sense! Thanks so much for the quick response.

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HalfPint November 6, 2012
Am I reading your question correctly? You want to salt AND butter the turkey 3 days prior to roasting? If you put butter under the skin, it's like putting a barrier on the meat that the salt can't penetrate, which would defeat the purpose of salting the turkey. I think that's why the recipe tells you to rub the butter under right before roasting.
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