saag paneer recipe

Can anyone recommend a good authentic saag paneer recipe? (Apologies if this question appears twice; I tried posting it already but it didn't seem to work the first time.)

Kristen W.


linzarella November 9, 2012
I loved this recipe for palak paneer, which as far as I know is basically the same thing as saag paneer:
Kristen W. November 9, 2012
Thanks so much -- I'll try these!
boulangere November 9, 2012
Panfusine is the last word in paneer!
SKK November 8, 2012
This is a great recipe from Merrill
AntoniaJames November 8, 2012
I've made that so many times, as you'll see in the comments. It's been regularly in our rotation here since shortly after it was posted. And the spice mixture is now my go-to Indian spice blend. I make new batches of it even when the Saag Paneer is not on the menu, combining it with just a touch of turmeric whenever I need a curry powder. Go for it!! ;o) P.S. I'm making it, minus the paneer, tonight.
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