Homemade Dragon Paneer trials, gravy is good, paneer is bland and not crispy need help!

I've had this amazing dragon paneer dish that I've been trying to recreate. The gravy turns out great but the paneer pieces were always bland / tasteless. This was the case with all the store bought paneer and home made paneer I've made thus far.

So I've decided it's time to try making flavored / spiced paneer by adding it to the milk before it curldes.

1. Does anyone know if this works? (any tips surrounding it would be greatly appreciated)
2. I also have trouble getting the paneer to be crispy on the outside so any tips regarding this would be super helpful too!

Thanks in advance!
~a guy who can barely cook

Varun Anbukumar
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1 Comment

HalfPint October 3, 2019
I think you are on the right track to add more flavor to the paneer. As for getting it crispy. You might want to try tossing the paneer cubes with a little rice flour and frying it until crispy.
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