What's the best way to season my cast iron frying pan?



Sharon January 1, 2023
Use it, use it. USE IT! Oil and heat, that's what it takes. I grew up with cast iron skillets that were so well seasoned (long before I was born) that virtually NOTHING phased them. Not dish soap or even Brillo pads! When I married and set up my own kitchen I had to season my new cast irons from scratch. Honestly, I can't even remember all the methods I employed to season them. It was a lengthy process, but frying and deep fat frying in them is really what it takes. Fifty years later and they are a work of art and my pride and joy. The most beautiful and indestructible piece of cooking equipment ever created. Grandchildren have asked that they be included to them in my will.
P.S. Be sure to dry them well, preferably on a low stovetop burner, and rub with a very thin protective coat of vegetable oil before storing.
Diana B. November 16, 2012
Food52 has a good article, with video, on this very topic: http://www.food52.com/blog/3547_how_to_season_cast_iron

J Dave, you have my deepest sympathy.
J D. November 16, 2012
I can honestly say that one of the saddest culinary days of my life occured when my well intentioned roommate put my grandmother's 40 year seasoned frying pan in the dishwasher and ran it through a cycle. That has been over 12 years ago and it is just now getting back to the way it used to be.
thebunalsorises November 15, 2012
Here's a really simple way that worked well for me: Using a paper towel, coat the pan all over (including the handle) with vegetable oil. Place it in a 400 degree oven and bake for 2 hours. Turn the oven off and prop the door open, leaving the pan inside while it cools down. That should do it until you start cooking in it a lot, then it will season on its own. Good luck!
Liz A. November 14, 2012
Lots of use!!. That's the best way to season cast iron. And after using it I let the grease cool ( not to the point of solidifying) and then wipe it out with paper towel. I have never used soap and very rarely water. Occasionally a damp paper towel followed by lots of good drying. And an FYI cast iron will rust if not dried thoroughly.
Sam1148 November 14, 2012
So many ways. Oils and oven...oils and BBQ grill at high heat. Oils and oven at low slow heat.
But all those are just 'quick' ways to season a pan..and you should do them. The rich patina won't happen quickly but after use. Frying Bacon in cast iron is a good way to speed that up tho. Don't wash it, scrub with salt and rinse.
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