Cast-Iron Skillet- am I using it right?

I just bought a Lodge cast iron skillet. I could be wrong, but I thought this would be a great substitute for a nonstick pan. I thought that as long as you season and care for it properly it would be just as good or better. However, I have been using it the past couple days- made a fried egg and then some potatoes w/ garlic- everything stuck! The food didn't come off easily and I wasn't happy. Am I doing something wrong?



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Sam1148 May 8, 2014
It can take quite a while to achieve the heirloom type 'grandmother' non stick of a cast iron pan. New pans will do this until good carbon crust forms.

You need to season it and season it again and again to speed up the process--and don't believe any 'pre-seasoned' claims.

For the first few months use high fat foods to speed it up--I recommend bacon.

How about some corn bread---heat up the skillet to hot on the stove top---put in some oil and pour in the batter and finish up in the oven.

You're not doing anything wrong (unless you didn't season it) it just takes awhile before a non-stick patina forms. Just give it some time...and keep trying; of course don't wash with detergents, just scrub with salt, rinse, dry and give it a coat of oil for storage.

KarenT May 8, 2014
It takes awhile for the pan to season. I know Lodge says it is pre-seasoned and you can use right away. I think they should say use it right away for bacon, fried chicken, etc. Eggs will eventually work once the pan is seasoned but it will never be like a nonstick pan. I always use a bit of butter when frying in my pan.
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