Good ideas for roasted squash?

Erin Rose


Summer O. November 15, 2012
I also like butternut squash and if I have some roasted leftover I save it and add it to grilled cheese sandwiches. This was in the Times this AM.
FutureChef November 14, 2012
I have a penchant for butternut squash since I'm a real sweet tooth and when roasted, it tends to take on these wonderful robust caramel notes.
1 ) Salad: Butternut squash, chestnuts, bacon vinaigrette
2) Ice Cream 'wich: ginger cookies with bourbon butternut ice cream
3) roasted vegetable hash: make it spicy and serve it with raita; I used to go to this food truck all the time to that had roasted vegetable wraps (using whatever was local so it was always a surprise) at a farmers market usually simply cooked and served with a vinegar-mustard cabbage slaw.
4) stuffed squash
Lindsay-Jean H. November 14, 2012
Here are some ideas to start with:
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