Are there any quick bread recipes here on FOOD52 that you would recommend for baking in mini-loaves to give as gifts for the holidays? ;o)

Ones that keep particularly well, e.g., will still taste good after a few days, would be most appreciated. Most of what I'll bake will be delivered locally (favorite farmers' market vendors, library and gym staff, the world's best dental hygienist, etc.), but a few loaves will be shipped to friends and family via Priority Mail. Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)



HalfPint November 15, 2012
I love Mark Bittman's Banana Bread recipe,
It's the best banana bread recipe that I've made (again and again) ever.
cookinginvictoria November 15, 2012
For something a little different (a little more savory than sweet), I like giving Merrill's Mediterreanean Olive Bread.
It's one of my favorite food52 recipes.
drbabs November 15, 2012
Mrslarkin's Christmas bread
I was also going to suggest the cocoa bread, but read the comments. We liked it better with the lower amount of flour.
EmilyC November 15, 2012
This is the one I'm planning to make and give as gifts. I like it with the glaze, but it's good without it. It keeps well for several days.
ellenl November 15, 2012
nannydeb's Holiday Fruit and Nut Cake is easy and absolutely delicious. I have made it a number of times ans also given it as gifts.
Monita November 15, 2012
While I've never made this, the recipe looks delicious, easy and could be done in small loaf pans. Check out
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