Soft Cheese Bread - Is using a loaf pan nessisary?

I've made this recipe before and it's wonderful.

I have the dough rising now and I realized that I can only find one loaf pan when I need two. I have circular and square cake pans, mini loaf pans, muffin tins, bunt pans, mini bunt pans, but only one regular sized loaf pan.

Would a dough like this be okay braided and left on a baking sheet instead of in a pan or would it loose it's shape? I know that different doughs work better in pans vs. out of pans. Also, how would this affect the baking time? Can you even tell any of this from the recipe?

Thank you! It would be a shame to ruin something so delicious!

  • Posted by: Sydney
  • November 6, 2015


stacy November 10, 2015
I've pinned this recipe more than once and have since forgotten about it - I think I'll be making it this weekend. Thanks for reminding me! Luckily I think I have 2 loaf pans, but the other suggestions are great
Nancy November 6, 2015
You could email the blogger.
Failing that and as an experienced bread maker, I can tell you that you can make most breads in many shapes, pans (unless you need loaf shape for sandwiches etc).
Given that it's a self-proclaimed soft dough and the interest comes from the cheese filling(s), it would probably not do well on a sheet pan or braided.
If I were in your shoes, I would bake half the recipe as a loaf and half as the muffin pan, mini bundt pan or shaped as rolls and stuffed in a round cake pan. In the later they will rise & bake, but easily pull apart (like cinnamon rolls).
And yes the rolls in the muffin or mini bundt pan will bake sooner than the such cases I start checking at half or 2/3 the loaf bake time.
Rolls smooshed together in a cake tin will take the same time as the loaf.
Good luck and tell us what you end up doing.
Sydney November 7, 2015
Thank you!

I made three versions - one whole batch done in a big circle with the same roll up, cut and twist shaping as the original recipe. That worked very well, but I got distracted and it spent too much time on the second rise.

I made the other batch the same as the original, but I put the two twisted loafs on a baking sheet instead of in the pan. It worked wonderfully!

I think next time I make this I'll try them cinnamon roll style. I made these for a party so I wanted the ease of slices instead of larger individual buns.

Nancy November 7, 2015
So nice to hear from you and so good the breads worked out for the party.
Glad to know the baking sheet worked out - I'll add that to my notes for the when I make this bread, which sounds so good.
Sydney November 6, 2015
Whoops! Of course I misspelled something in the title...
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