I do I make my own dried tomatoes?



susan G. November 18, 2012
I make oven dried tomatoes, and we love them. They still have a moist taste but are dense and the flavors are intensified. They have to be kept refrigerated under olive oil so they don't spoil, or frozen for longer storage. If you want something like a sundried tomato that keeps long term at room temperature, you'd probably need to use a dehydrator or live where the sun is strong.
bigpan November 18, 2012
I mostly use romas, but any tomato will do . Cut into quarters, deseed, toss in a bowl with a bit of olive oil and Italian seasoning. Put into a 225F oven skin side down. Check every few hours - it will take 6-8 hours ... but worth it.
Monita November 18, 2012
Here's a good link for a "how to"
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