Recipe calls for sun dried tomatoes and the better half doesn't like them. I want to use cherry tomatoes, is this okay? We are making chicken



bigpan August 1, 2013
I agree with Ono - or a divorce lawyer ... JOKING !
ATG117 July 31, 2013
In sundried tomatoes, quality really shows
Reiney July 30, 2013
Was just going to chime in with ChefOno's exact suggestion. Oven (or "semi") dried tomatoes can take out the excess liquid and concentrate the flavour without getting the bitterness or leathery texture you can experience in sun-dried.

I'd also suggest trying a high quality sun-dried tomato - that can make a huge difference.
ChefOno July 30, 2013

You might consider oven-roasted tomatoes for the application. Easy to make, different flavor than sun-dried (a little olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper).

petitbleu July 29, 2013
Since sundried tomatoes have a concentrated flavor, I would use more fresh tomatoes. Is there a sauce involved with this recipe? You might want to add some tomato paste to get a rich tomato flavor.
saraxbeth July 29, 2013
Do I use the same amount of tomato? Thank you!!!
ATG117 July 29, 2013
Definitely okay. The taste of the dish will be slightly different, but probably equally delicious.
saraxbeth July 29, 2013
Chicken Milano!
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