Ground beef

What can I do with ground beef besides burgers and bolognese?

  • Posted by: Dalice
  • November 20, 2012


jsdunbar November 21, 2012
If you cook it until there is no pink left you will kill any Ecoli.
Tonight I used ground meat, browned in a soup pot, with chopped onions, minced garlic, coarsly chopped mushrooms & sliced bell peppers. I added a 28oz can of chopped tomatoes , 1or 2 cups of stock, a few Tbsp each of basil & oregano,black pepper, a splash of red wine & presto: Pizza Soup! Served with croutons & grated Italian cheese, it warmed us up on a cold night.
pierino November 20, 2012
Just a heads up healthwise; supermarket ground beef can be pretty scary stuff. The standard for hamburgers is 80/20, meaning 20% fat. Okay no problem so far. Here's the danger zone; the meat could be parts of upwards of 100 animals. If there is ecoli contamination in one single part it will spread through the entire product. You can grind it yourself to your own fat liking or else find a real butcher who will work from a single animal and do it for you.
Dalice November 20, 2012
I am very cautious about my meat. Only organic
HalfPint November 20, 2012
sloppy joes
kubideh kabobs,
ravioli filling
FutureChef November 20, 2012
Also tacos, meatballs, or empanadas.

Add some transglutaminase and make your own 'steak'.
SMSF November 20, 2012
Meatballs (though you'll probably want to add some pork for more flavor)
shepherd's pie
meatloaf (add pork, too, if possible)
chili - yes, I know ground beef in chili is sacrilege to some, but I'm just answering the question ; )
pierino November 20, 2012
Actually, regarding chili, it's the other way around. Chili aficinados insist on no beans, so beef is fine.
SMSF November 20, 2012
Hi Pierino - I was referring to the contingent that believes only chunks of beef should be used in chili, not ground beef ; )
Marian B. November 20, 2012
Chili is a great idea! Here's a delicious one:
Shepherd's pie is also a great bet, too.

...and here is a list of recipes using ground beef:
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