Need to add fat to burger mix.

I goofed & bought 93/7 beef to mix with ground chicken for burgers. In my opinon it has the potential to be too dry. Can I mix in a fat (bacon?) to correct my mistake?



Peter July 7, 2011
Wow! I just made that up. So glad it worked.
Frontalgirl July 7, 2011
Post dinner update. Added aprox. 3 tbsp bacon fat to mixture. Wonderful! Sis & I boh sated and happy. thanks everyone!
aargersi July 7, 2011
I can't even believe I didn't suggest duck fat. Must be off my game today. And sorry Peter but you start doing math and my brain goes foggy and eyes roll back in head - math siezure - can't weigh in there :-)
Peter July 7, 2011
Well, you're looking to swap in bacon fat for missing beef fat. The chicken is what it is. If you think that mixing in the chicken in and of itself will result in something a little dry then sure, a bit more bacon fat couldn't hurt.

Also, the fat amount I gave above is for each pound of beef. You'll need to adjust based on the volume of the package you bought.

Lastly, a disclaimer. I work for Food52. And I love to cook. But I'm here on the website site, not the editorial side so what I suggest is just a common sense suggestion -- it's not something I've tried before or have any knowledge of. Maybe someone else here can chime in and endorse my wacky idea?
Frontalgirl July 7, 2011
Thanks Peter! I live in the south, so of course I have bacon fat in the frige :) don't forget that I'm mixing in a # of chicken to the beef, so maybe a touch more fat?
Peter July 7, 2011
Instead of bacon, what about if you have some bacon *fat* hanging out in the fridge? Then you don't have to worry about cooking it all the way through.

Anyone want to suggest how much fat per pound of beef? Is it too simplistic of me to think that 80% lean is therefore 20% fat -- or 3.2 ounces of fat per pound. With FrontalGirl's 93/7 mix, that means she already has 1.12 ounces of fat so she needs 2.08 ounces more?
Frontalgirl July 7, 2011
Carync. I mindlessly looked at price not fat. That'll be a lesson to me. But i love the butter idea.
Frontalgirl July 7, 2011
Thanks! Love the olive oil idea...maybe a bit of both :) btw.. Love this new quick answer feature. Ya'll rock!
CaryNC July 7, 2011
I would put a pat of butter in the middle but that might defeat the purpose if your trying to "lean" out the burgers.
Amanda H. July 7, 2011
Chopped bacon is a great idea. You still might have a little dryness, but it will help matters and add some nice flavor.
aargersi July 7, 2011
Sure! But bacon will require you cook the burger through - also consider olive oil (that's how I keep turkey burgers moist) or some blue cheese - another trick to moist burgers that I learned here on Food52 is to add grated onion - delicious!
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