Pumpkin puree

I have a can of pumpkin. Other than pie, what easy dessert can I make?

  • Posted by: barb48
  • November 20, 2012


AntoniaJames November 21, 2012
I made this last night: http://food52.com/recipes/1406_the_pumpkin_bread_i_cant_stop_eating
Instead of making a loaf, however, I put the batter into a muffin tin + one mini loaf. I used freshly roasted and pureed butternut squash, but the liquids when mixed seemed too thin, so I added an extra 1/4 cup of flour to the dry ingredients. It worked perfectly. What a great recipe! Next time, I think I'll use pumpkin seeds instead of walnuts. ;o)
rt21 November 21, 2012
Make pumpkin shortcake ( instead of strawberry shortcake) serve with poached peaches or apples and cream, dust with cinnamon sugar
FutureChef November 21, 2012
I can vouch for the pumpkin bread recipe on Karen DeMasco's Craft (as in Tom Collichio) of Baking. She was/is his pastry chef. Even better is to take it one step further and to make her autumn spiced caramel sauce and serve it with the bread pudding you make with the pumpkin bread.
jsdunbar November 21, 2012
I used to have a recipe for pumpkin bread with chocolate chips. It was very rich & very good.
AntoniaJames November 20, 2012
This pumpkin bread recipe is also on my list to try; I will probably make it over the weekend. (I have a house full of hungry male college students joining us for the holidays -- which means a lot of baking!!) ;o)
AntoniaJames November 20, 2012
I just stumbled on this recipe for gingerbread pumpkin muffins (part of a larger recipe for stuffing) yesterday: http://food52.com/recipes/1522_pumpkin_gingerbread_stuffing I plan to try the muffin recipe this evening, in fact. ;o)
figgypudding November 20, 2012
It doesn't get much easier than Pumpkin Bread Pudding. Here are a few recipes for inspiration: http://food52.com/recipes/search?q=pumpkin+bread+pudding
gheanna November 20, 2012
How about cheesecake, or cupcakes?
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