I'm worried my stuffing is going to come out too soggy.

With Thanksgivin tomorrow, I pre-assembled my stuffing, and I just feel he stuffing seems too soggy. I accidentally added 4 cups chicken broth when it called for 3. so I drained off about 1 cup. Then I realized the baguette I used was really soft. last year i used sourdough, which is tougher. What should I do?



Wendy W. November 22, 2023
Can I use shop bought dry fine bread crumbs for sage and onion stuffing
Merrill S. November 21, 2012
Could you add some more bread and whatever other dry ingredients you're using? That might help to soak up some of the extra liquid. Also, not sure how you're planning to cook the stuffing (covered, uncovered, or a mix), but it would probably benefit from a few extra minutes in the oven uncovered.
Amanda H. November 21, 2012
You have a couple of options -- you could add a bit more bread (the kind you used last year) and/or some of the other ingredients to even out the solid to liquid ratio. Or you can leavi it as is and bake it longer to cook off more moisture.
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