Stuffing With Heavy Cream

Does anyone remember a recipe for stuffing that included heavy cream in the ingredients? It was years ago and could have come from Julia, The Silver Palette ladies or possibly Martha. It made a wonderfully rich bread stuffing that browned beautifully on the top. I will probably just wing it and replace 1/2 cup or so of the broth, but there was just something perfect about that stuffing. Maybe it was from Sunset magazine.

Susan W
  • Posted by: Susan W
  • November 24, 2016


RoddyF December 11, 2021
I remember a Turkey dressing Martha Stewart made on Martha Stewart Living. It was fabulous and rich. It was made separately and was really a custard. I think they pulled it because of everyone’s terror of Cream and butter in the day! Too bad because now it’s all the rage! But I didn’t write it down (kick self). I took it to a community meal for Christmas and it was devoured in 15 minutes! Lol!
Susan W. December 11, 2021
You know what??? That’s it!!! Kicking myself too.
Susan W. November 24, 2016
Thanks everyone. I think what was unique is that it was more of a bread pudding and since I'm using Challah and wild mushrooms, I think the custard idea will work beautifully. Here's to switching gears at the last minute! :-0
Michael R. November 24, 2016
Sure, make a savory custard batter, half cream, half turkey stock, half eggs. pour over dried bread and stuff. bake. easy! remember that stuffing/dressing is basically a savory bread pudding
Olivia B. November 24, 2016
Hi Susan—not sure of the recipe you're looking for but you can definitely add heavy cream to your favorite stuffing recipe. This recipe on Food & Wine even has 2 whole cups...

This one from Martha has a more conservative 1/2 cup:
Connor B. November 24, 2016
Hi Susan,

Do you remember if there were any other key ingredients in the stuffing? Took a peek around the internet and a few that sounded good, but your suggestion of swapping stock for cream sounds delicious as well!!
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