Pumpkin pie left out overnight but still very loose

I made pumpkin pie last night (10 min at 400, 20 min at 300) and left it out to set for a few hours. This morning it's still not as set as I think it should be. When I nudge it, it still jiggles and is loose on top, rather than a custard-like consistency. What can I do to solidify the top a little more?



LoosePanda November 22, 2012
Thanks. I'll try that and see where I am in a few hours.
Monita November 22, 2012
I wouldn't put it back in the oven. Try the fridge first
LoosePanda November 22, 2012
The recipe time said a total of 30 to 45 minutes so I suppose it could have definitely baked longer. Would it help if I put it in the oven on low temp? It's not very firm on the top at all.
Monita November 22, 2012
It probably needed a little more cooking time You can put in the fridge and see if it firms up a little. It it will still taste good the way you have it. You can also top with some whipped cream or a meringue
Kenzi W. November 22, 2012
And your recipe said baking time would be 30 minutes? I would try chilling it to nudge to setting process along. Just how jiggly is it? A little wiggle is a good thing, as long as it is firm to thr touch.
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