Is Turkey left out six hours okay to eat!!!

I took a turkey breast out of the oven at nine last night and was going to put it away but my daughter said she wanted to make a sandwich and would put it away(I should have known better!) I woke up at 2 0r 3 and it was still out.....

  • Posted by: Reen
  • November 23, 2012


SeaJambon November 23, 2012
As painful as it will be to throw it away, that pang is minor compared to what you'll feel if someone gets sick. Sigh. I'm sorry; that's really tough. But as Merrill and others have indicated, there really isn't a choice. Pat yourself on the back for asking the question as hard as the answer may be.
pierino November 24, 2012
I have a California state food handler's certificate and that specific question is on the exam. Once you've finished carving and serving it should be refrigerated immediately.

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Merrill S. November 23, 2012
Sadly, 6 hours is definitely within the danger zone. Here's a post about food safety that explains the details:
Amber H. November 25, 2017
Hey what about a turkey being left out for four hours and the bottom was still warm will it be ok?
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