Looking for an eggless dessert

I have volunteered to bring a dessert to a lunch thanking teachers at my daughter's school. I have been asked to make it eggless since there are a number of egg allergies among the teachers. So I am wondering: What are food52ers' favorite eggless desserts? I am considering making amanda's Maple Cream Tart (http://food52.com/recipes...). Any other suggestions that would work well for a festive holiday themed lunch? Thanks so much. :)



cookinginvictoria November 24, 2012
Thanks for all of the great suggestions, everyone. Love the idea of the mulled wine autumn cobbler, so I am thinking that I just may make that.. (I hadn't realized that that recipe won the recent Whole Foods Market 'Your Best Recipe With Red Wine contest. Many congrats, HLA -- can't wait to try it!)
hardlikearmour November 23, 2012
Apple-pie or cobbler. http://boulder.wholefoodsmarketcooking.com/recipes/13703_mulled_wine_autumn_cobbler (I've doubled this and done it in a 13"-9" pan for a larger crowd). I've also made the Cook's Illustrated Apple Cranberry pie (sometimes as written & sometimes with a streusel topping) and it's quite good. http://www.tastebook.com/recipes/765464-Apple-Cranberry-Pie?full_recipe=true You can use milk or cream to brush the top rather than the eggwash.
Sim,Blaustein November 23, 2012
I don't eat eggs and love to do pies. Apple and other fruit pies are easy and always taste great. I I also make an eggless pumpkin pie substituting agar agar (vegetarian gelatin) or silken tofu for the eggs.
Monita November 23, 2012
What about an apple crisp -- very seasonal
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