Quick Christmas dessert for tonight

We are having the first of our family holiday dinners tonight and I just got asked to make dessert. I have an hour to make something (plus time to go to the supermarket), and it has to be transportable. I'd rather not do cookies, since I've overdosed on them already. Any brilliant, festive ideas?



Pegeen December 21, 2012
Oh dear. Wish I could edit my post above: one NEVER asks one's host to pick up ingredients (such as the ice cream) unless the host owes you bail bond money. Otherwise, hosts don't need more headaches, no matter how fabulous the dish you're bringing. The only question a host needs to hear is "What can I do to help?" or "What is best for your menu?" Sorry about that... I was thinking of my own family, which thrives on food emergencies.
Meatballs&Milkshakes December 21, 2012
Thanks everyone! Going to contemplate the options on my way to store!
Pegeen December 21, 2012
This is a fast, easy raspberry sauce to pour over vanilla or chocolate ice cream. The whole cooking time should be 30 minutes or less. Hopefully you don't have to travel too far, so the ice cream doesn't melt. Or maybe your host could pick up the ice cream ahead of time?

Also works over fresh fruit. If the oven is available while you're eating dinner, roast some sliced pears in it.

- 1 bag frozen raspberries or any kind of frozen mixed berries (the normal sized bag, not the orphanage-sized bag from Costco)
- 1 lemon
- 1 jar currant jelly (the inexpensive clear kind with no fruit chunks)
- Optional: really good jam - any good berry or apricot
- Ice cream
- Optional: fresh raspberries for garnish
- Optional: fresh mint for garnish
- Optional: cookies to serve on the side

1. In a small saucepan, melt jar of currant jelly over med-low heat, stirring pretty often (don't let it boil or burn). When the jelly lumps are melted, take off heat and let cool. Optional: if you have it, add a couple generous spoonfuls of very good jam to the jelly while it's melting.
2. While jelly is melting, soak bag of raspberries in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 minutes to defrost a little (they do not have to be completely thawed).
Dump raspberries into food processor.
3. Add cooled, melted jelly to raspberries in food processor. Whir a few times to blend jelly and raspberries together. Cut lemon in half, scrape any pits out, and give one half of the lemon a good squeeze over the food processor. (If you have time, also grate a little lemon zest into the food processor, about a teaspoon.) Pulse to incorporate lemon juice, taste. Add more lemon juice if desired.
4. Place a wire mesh sieve (strainer) over a bowl bigger than it is. Pour some of the puree from the food processor into the sieve and use a wooden spoon or spatula to gently stir and scrape the sides of the sieve to force the sauce through it. This will leave the seeds behind. Rinse out the strainer if it begins to get clogged.
5. Pour sauce into jar or container with tight-fitting lid and refrigerate until ready to use. It's good from the fridge or brought to room-temp before serving.
6. To serve, pour sauce over scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream.
Optional: Sprinkle a few fresh raspberries over each serving, and tuck in a mint leaf or two, with some cookies on the side.

Enjoy your dinner!
Devangi R. December 21, 2012
how about mango mousse with cardamom and pistas in a ball jar..you can make/serve individually in jars. It won't take time to make.
HalfPint December 21, 2012
Kismet! I just posted my recipe for a Chocolate Toffee Trifle that you can assemble (using store-bought ingredients) in about 15 minutes. The recipe makes a lot, so feel free to halve it.
Monita December 21, 2012
What about fruit kabobs with a choc. dipping sauce
broccolirose December 21, 2012
Chocolate bark can be really quick and you can be creative with the type of chocolate and add-ins. This recipe is a great starting point: http://food52.com/recipes/2105_ancho_chilicinnamon_chocolate_bark
hardlikearmour December 21, 2012
This takes about a half-hour to make and is fun. Make sure to pick up some pretzels or even Ritz crackers for dipping when you get your groceries. Put it in a bowl and either heat it over a water bath or in the microwave when ready for dessert. http://food52.com/recipes/9557_coconut_cajeta_chocolate_fondue
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