Hotline operation: new spam filter?

To those who operate the Hotline -- I've just made repeated attempts to respond to a question with a link to another internet site. Is that no longer possible? After five attempts I gave up. Kind of frustrating when there is a really good answer in another location and you can't point folks to the correct place...



Kristen M. November 28, 2012
SeaJambon, you're right -- this was a temporary measure our tech team decided on to stop the sudden flow of spam comments in the past day. They're working on a more sustainable solution as we speak!
SMSF November 28, 2012
I answered a question earlier today, and included a link - like SeaJambon's, mine was filtered out. I was hoping to be helpful! No spam issues here, though.
sdebrango November 28, 2012
I also did that and my answer was filtered out, but really it's ok with me last night to this morning my inbox was filled with almost 200 spam comments. I leave my cell phone on at night and had to turn it off it was alerting me of emails all night long.
Panfusine November 28, 2012
Et tu?? Same Spam flooding here as well, but looks like the F52 team has taken care of it!
Amanda H. November 28, 2012
So sorry about this -- we had the same. Those who use the site the most received the most spam, which doesn't seem fair. Our apologies!
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