I spilled turmeric on my kitchen counter. What's the best way to get the color out?

Chitra Agrawal


slock December 3, 2012
This has worked on my ceaser stone as well as my old laminate. A paste of baking soda and water, let dry. It may take multiple applications. It took sharpie out of my white ceaser stone.
QueenSashy December 2, 2012
I have caesarstone countertops and clean the tough stains, including turmeric, with Softscrub. It eliminates it completely.
susan G. December 2, 2012
Not having this range of solutions, I have found that even after cleaning turmeric still remained on my counter tops, but over time it lightened and couldn't be seen. (Another vote for benign neglect.)

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Sam1148 December 2, 2012
"Fit Fruit" basic active stuff is simple citric acid. And some other minor stuff--fruit oils and surfactants. If you're envormentaly concerned those specialized veggies cleaners are bad news. A simple spray bottle with citric acid powder will do the job. (get another spray bottle and use white vinegar solution for windows--with a touch of rubbing alcohol and one drop of dishwashing stuff). Or better yet..get the gallon stuff from AUTOZONE and refill with that for windows (g).

Citric acid powder is great to have around the kitchen. Both for cleaning stuff..and keeping fruit fresh in a bit of that with water..and making cheeses. Etc.
It's rather powerful straight...but I have a personal issue with things like 'fit fruit' too expensive and in tests a simple wash of white vinegar or citric acid solution proved better at removing bacteria on fruits and veggies.

Plus...If you have a wilted lettuce..a long soak in white vinegar solution will crisp those up. Cheap. Old School.

Sorry...I'm going too verbose here.
boulangere December 2, 2012
Depending on what your counters are made of, hydrogen peroxide may help. It certainly won't hurt anything.
The S. December 2, 2012
I discovered by accident the strangest solution to this problem (my counters, fwiw, are laminate). I accidentally grabbed my bottle of Fit fruit and veggie cleaner when I was grabbing for the counter spray. It caused the colorant/stain to well up and darken, almost as if it had purged it out of the counter. Then it wiped right up.
bigpan December 1, 2012
I agree with Sam , Barkeepers Friend is a miracle cleaner. Paste is better than powder.
Sam1148 December 1, 2012
Start with lemon juice or vinegar and "magic eraser" type sponge.
Rinse and see if that removed it. Then try some Bar keepers friend in a paste.
ATL December 1, 2012
Can you tell us what material your countertops are made of?
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