Baking root vegetable latkes?

I've baked potato latkes before, and although they were not as crispy than their fried counterpart, I still found the texture to have a suitable crunch. I am nervous that because of the higher water content of root vegetables like parsnips and carrots, baking rather than frying could prevent crisping. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am going to salt & ring out the shredded veggies in advance, but I'm not sure if this is enough. Thanks Food52 members!!!



Shuna L. December 2, 2012
p.s. I suggest enamel cast iron or cast iron or the heaviest stainless steel saute pan you have. The better the conductor of heat, the better the end result.
Shuna L. December 2, 2012
Have your pan in the oven heating to the oven's temperature. Then add your fat/oil of choice. When all is superhot, add yor dollops/mixture. This way, although you are "baking," you mimic "sauteeeing/frying" in that your heat source is truly hot. Waiting for these 3 things to get to the same temperature might result in a less crispy crisp.
lorigoldsby December 2, 2012
Also...if you have a baking stone...that will help crisp up the latkes
Monita December 2, 2012
Ringing out the water is very important. I would also bake at 425 or 450 depending on how thick your latkes are.
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