olive or vegetable oil

Need to fry chicken meatballs before baking. Which oil should I use, olive or vegetable?

Charlie Bartley


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PHIL November 11, 2017
Sounds good, go with olive oil for sure ...in my opinion
PHIL November 11, 2017
How did you season the meatballs? Olive oil would be my first choice but if the seasoning is Asian style then use vegetable oil.
Charlie B. November 11, 2017
They are chicken parm meatballs, seasoned with garlic, onions, parsley, breadcrumbs.
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 11, 2017
You could use either to brown/fry before aking. Olive oil has well a slight olive taste and vegetable oil has no discerning taste but a higher smoke point.
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