Buddha's fingers fruit?

There's a Buddha's finger fruit in my kitchen. It smells delicious. Does anyone know what I can do with it?



aargersi December 4, 2012
I made Buddhacello with one - like Limoncello but with the Buddha hand - have you cut into one before? No fruit! Just peel and pith! I read somewhere awhile back that they are used as sachets and air freshners as well which makes sense considering the amazing fragrance
Lindsay-Jean H. December 3, 2012
How about citrus salt - http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/citrus-salt-recipe.html and a citrus ginger juice as Heidi suggests at the end of the post.
Greenstuff December 3, 2012
Marmalade, infusions, infused in alcohol. Candy a whole one, and post a picture!
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