Hosting a Christmas Party Saturday. Planned on making roasted peaches wrapped in pancetta with basil and balsamic for one of my warm hors d'oeuvres.

I didn't think about the fact that its December, and peaches are impossible to find in Ohio now. So, my question for you is, can I substitute with well thawed, well drained frozen peaches? Anyone have any ideas for a substitute fruit? Or should I just abandon it all together since I have 15 other things to eat?



Jacqueline,DiNuoscio December 6, 2012
Thanks everyone for the great responses. I know of a good place that does have nice flash frozen peaches. I'm going to try one of those and see how they do. If the texture is off (my fear), I like the idea of the pears with rosemary. I want to stay away from the bacon wrapped dates, as I did those last year, stuffed with Asiago. For those that suggested pears, I have never roasted or seared them before. Do they hold their texture well? I would have thought they break down and get mushy or too soft.
QueenSashy December 6, 2012
Make sure you get firm pears, probably a bit firmer than if you were to eat them raw. Bosc would be the best, I also used super-firm green Anjou.
QueenSashy December 5, 2012
Agree with Monita and lloreen, I would also use pears or figs as they are winter fruits, and hence more Christmas-y. Basil probably will not work in the dish any more, perhaps you can substitute it with rosemary.
EmilyC December 5, 2012
These bacon-wrapped pickled apricots are a favorite of mine and pretty foolproof (which is why i like them so much!):
lloreen December 5, 2012
Sorry, I meant bacon wrapped dates stuffed with good Parmesan, not figs
lloreen December 5, 2012
I would be afraid that frozen peaches would be mushy so try one out before deciding. Otherwise, pear is a great suggestion. Or you could change plans and do bacon wrapped stuffed figs with Parmesan. It is a good idea to plan according to what is seasonally available and not get hung up on doing something that just isn't possible until summer.
Monita December 5, 2012
If you have frozen, fresh peaches then I would use those. Thaw them completely and pat dry if there is excess moisture. Or you could try using ripe small pears as an alternative
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