Uses for fruit-flavored balsamic vingegars?

I received two very nice bottles of fruit-flavored balsamic vinegars for the holidays, one peach and one raspberry. Other than using in salads/vinaigrettes, what else can I do with them?



sweetlolo February 6, 2015
Thanks everyone for all of the ideas. Will definitely try using the vinegars with seafood. And love the idea of pairing them with ice cream/sweets.
Nancy February 4, 2015
Make a fizzy drink with club soda or mineral water...old American tradition to make cooling summer drinks from vinegar base. Optional add a neutral (gin, vodka) or related (southern comfort, bourbon, framboise) shot of spirits.
Meaghan F. February 3, 2015
Drizzle either one on some simply sautéed scallops, or classic peel-n-eat shrimp. I suspect it might also play well with siracha in small amounts (maybe throw in some chopped cilantro too?) to make a dip for skewers of grilled anything.
Stephanie February 4, 2015
Ooh, I like the idea of adding sriracha. Now I'm going to have to go buy more fruit balsamic!
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 3, 2015
You could add a couple of tablespoons to a peach or raspberry muffins. Also as a glaze or fruity sauce for chicken or pork.
irina February 3, 2015
I use my fig balsamic as marinade on lamb chops. Yum!
piano13 February 4, 2015
I use my fig balsamic as a light salad dressing. No need for oil with the sweet/tartness of it.
Stephanie February 3, 2015
Make a gastrique (I'd suggest 2:1 ratio of vinegar and honey) and drizzle over roasted chicken or veggies, cheese platter, even over poundcake or fresh berries.

I have a weakness for ice cream and sorbet. I discovered this summer (while trying to answer the same question, having a bottle of vanilla balsamic) that it's really incredible over a berry sorbet. The combination of sweet and tart is divine!

Stephanie February 3, 2015
Actually, with balsamic, you might even want to go down to 3:1 or 4:1 vinegar to honey - as balsamic (and especially with the fruit flavor) has a sweetness to begin with.
QueenSashy February 5, 2015
actually it works great inside the ice cream too. One of the best ices I ever had was a vanilla base with figs and balsamic...
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