If I can't find pomegranate molasses, what else can I use? Thank you!



jmburns December 8, 2012
It also may not be with the Regular Molasses. My market has it on a different aisle. So ask your store if they have it. I think it was with the Soft drinks? Like a syrup.
brewgirl December 7, 2012
If you're making your own and haven't used it before, keep in mind that the real stuff is pretty bitter and not "sweet" like you might think it would be. So if you're getting juice, be sure it's not overly sweetened. What are you using the molasses for?
Monita December 7, 2012
Glad I could help
Mommaj's December 7, 2012
Wow Monita! You came up with that link in seconds! That is really impressive. Thank you! (I just LOVE this site...)
Monita December 7, 2012
If you can find pomegranate juice, then you can make your own. Alton Brown provides an easy recipe:http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/pomegranate-syrup-or-molasses-recipe/index.html
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