pomegranate molasses - expiration date and substitues

I bought a bottle of pomegranate molasses and realized the best by date on bottle expired a year ago... can it still be used? also, should it be stored in pantry or fridge? can I substitute pomegranate grenadine for molasses?

  • Posted by: TriciaD
  • August 10, 2014


Nancy August 11, 2014
Generally, I keep in fridge & use it within six months. But it's like jam - the heavy amount of sugar acts as a (natural) preservative. So if no mold, taste and use if it still has good taste. If pomegranate grenadine has natural ingredients, use as a substitute but you may need to reduce it by 1/3 to 1/2, to approximate pom-molasses thicker texture. If artificial grenadine (many or most) don't use. Another sub is a combination of lemon juice & sugar or lemon juice & a berry jam (not exact, but similar results in recipe).
Nancy August 12, 2014
TriciaD - did some further checking. Seems 2 yr is estimated minimum, and many people have used product for years with ok quality. All agree on storing in fridge.
Lynne C. June 9, 2024
I know this is a very old question, but I just looked at the date on my bottle in the cupboard and it is 20 years old and still edible. The cap had stuck so had to warmed up to open it, but it tastes just fine.
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