Necessary to refrigerate pomegranate molassess?

Bottled, Cortas brand Pomegranate molasses. We used about 1/3 of the bottle tonight, does it need to be in the fridge, or can we stick it in the pantry?



Maedl October 22, 2012
Mine is in the refrigerator. It keeps for ages and does not get any denser.
Greenstuff October 22, 2012
IVe never refrigerated mine and have never detected a degradation in quality. ID be a little concerned that it would be too thick to pour if it were refrigerated, but I haven't tested it.
ChefOno October 21, 2012

Oxidization, which is inversely proportional to quality, will be reduced under refrigeration. And then there's the issue with any syrup and mold.

Reiney October 21, 2012
I've kept mine unrefrigerated in the pantry for over a year.
bigpan October 21, 2012
I would put it in the fridge to be food-safe.
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