What are some easy, toddler-friendly recipes for a holiday party?

  • Posted by: Mollyh
  • December 12, 2012


ellyn C. December 14, 2012
Go to Weelicious.com The site is loaded with cute and fun ideas! Baby, toddler and big kid recipes that are fast, easy and fresh. (I'm a fan of tortilla pinwheels for little ones (and big kids!). They are simple, pretty and tasty!
Sam1148 December 13, 2012
How about using metal cookie cutters in holiday theme to cut out finger sandwiches. Heck, I think even the adults might like those.
You could use ginger bread men or snowman cutters and use raisin, carrots, slivers of red bell peppers..etc. for decorations.

jsdunbar December 13, 2012
And if you want deserts that aren't too sweet you can make jelly shapes with jello & juice & double the gelatin so they can be hand-held.
jsdunbar December 13, 2012
What about cubes of mild cheese in a couple of colours, or melted cheese on toast "soldiers"
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