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added about 4 years ago

What about cubes of mild cheese in a couple of colours, or melted cheese on toast "soldiers"

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added about 4 years ago

And if you want deserts that aren't too sweet you can make jelly shapes with jello & juice & double the gelatin so they can be hand-held.

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Sam is a trusted home cook.

added about 4 years ago

How about using metal cookie cutters in holiday theme to cut out finger sandwiches. Heck, I think even the adults might like those.
You could use ginger bread men or snowman cutters and use raisin, carrots, slivers of red bell peppers..etc. for decorations.

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added about 4 years ago

Go to Weelicious.com The site is loaded with cute and fun ideas! Baby, toddler and big kid recipes that are fast, easy and fresh. (I'm a fan of tortilla pinwheels for little ones (and big kids!). They are simple, pretty and tasty!

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