What are the best potatoes for latkes?

Having a personal debate with my dad. Would love to hear thoughts. I say russets.

jessie schupack


mainecook61 December 16, 2012
Use what you have. It is not easy for me to grow a russet-type in Maine, so I mostly use Yukons or whatever I have in storage. As long as the excess moisture is squeezed out, most potatoes can be turned into excellent latkes. I keep matzo meal on hand in case extra starch is needed.
creamtea December 15, 2012
I use a blend of Yukon Golds and russets.
bigpan December 15, 2012
I just made some a couple days ago. As an appetizer, I used Yukon golds, egg, walla walla sweet onion, panko, and a bit of shredded parsnip for a bit of kick,
I sprayed a mini muffin tin with canola spray and a couple drops of olive oil. Spoon a tablespoon of the Latka mix and press a bit to make a depression. Bake at 375F (convection) for about 20 minutes or until the edges get golden.
Next, I mixed a bit of horseradish and finely chopped red onion into sour cream.
Spoon the sour cream into the cups and top with slivers of lox. (I used west coast Indian candy salmon instead)

amysarah December 15, 2012
Intrigued by using yukon golds and panko...never been a stickler for nit-picky authenticity, so I'm definitely going to try it. But IF the goal is 'traditional' latkes, you'd use Russets (starchy spuds) and add just enough matzoh meal to bind - the texture should be crisp on the outside, melty potato-ness on the inside. My granny never encountered Yukon Gold, and certainly not panko....but had she, she probably would have given it a go (shtetl life didn't exactly cultivate the kind of doctrinaire 'rules' we now insist upon.)
healthierkitchen December 15, 2012
I prefer the large Yukon Golds too, but you do read everywhere that russets are best because they're starchier.
Kristen M. December 15, 2012
I would have thought Russets until we tasted these: http://food52.com/recipes/7968_golden_panko_latkes_with_sour_cream_and_chives
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