hey can you freeze bake macaroni after you cook it



Embee October 7, 2011
I always freeze it after I cook it, since I only cook for 3 people and my recipe usually serves 8. I divide it into single portions, put it into zip lock bags (be sure to get out all the air). Then I throw it into my lunch bag and microwave it for lunch at work.
caterfran October 7, 2011
the question was can you freeze after you cook it. Well here's where there might be health issures if not down correctly. If the pan has been sitting out and people have been double dipping into it, and sneaking spoonfuls into their mouths while using that spoon again, then you can run the risk of contamination so don't serve it for a party. To be sure of the food saftey, cool it down, then freeze it. It's best to freeze it first without a wrap to insure that ice crystals don't form. Hey just eat it up.
Jeanine November 23, 2010
Yes, just don't bake it until your ready to eat it
pierino November 23, 2010
Stouffers does it and sells it in the freezer aisle, so yeah.
Amanda H. November 23, 2010
Yes you can. It's like freezing lasagna. Freeze it after combining the cheese and pasta. Bake it after freezing.
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