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Veggie Pot Pie - make ahead? Do I need to freeze?

I am making one for this Sunday and want to make the dough / filling today. Will the dough / filling keep 5 days? Do I need to freeze them separately? Should I assemble and freeze the whole assembled unbaked pie? If so, can I bake from frozen? How would that change cooking time / temp? Should I bake and freeze? If so, can I reheat in the oven from frozen? Help!

asked by Karo Wilk 10 months ago
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added 10 months ago

Hi Karo! If I were you, I'd assemble and freeze the whole unbaked pie. After you pull from the freezer, brush an egg wash over the entire top crust and then pop into the oven at somewhere around 375. If you are using a regular size pie pan, check it at around 35 minutes by sticking a knife through one of the crust slits and see how it is going. You might crank the heat up towards the end to brown the crust.

I'm not sure what veggies you're planning to use, but do keep in mind that some (like potatoes) don't necessarily hold up very well after being frozen. They certainly won't be inedible but might not be the ideal texture.

Good luck!

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added 10 months ago

Thanks! I will leave the potatoes out of the filling... :)

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added 10 months ago

My rule of thumb for keeping cooked food is 3 days. You can freeze the dough uncooked if it does not have live yeast (for example shortcrust pastry, yes).

Normally I don't freeze veg pies as most vegetables become soggy once frozen. Hopefully someone else has more experience with that and can give you more advice.

Why are you making it today? Can you do it just 1 or 2 days before? I personally like a pie the day after as the flavours have time to come together.

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added 10 months ago

The veggies will be stewed for a pot-pie-like filling. I'm trying to make it today since I'm cooking for 10 for a big Easter lunch feast and have limited time after-work to prep and can't do everything on Saturday.

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