can i freeze cream cheese? what happens to texture after thawing?

  • Posted by: mcd2
  • December 17, 2012


Sandy M. June 23, 2018
I came here just for a quick answer of can I use my frozen cream cheese block because I accidentally put it in the freezer instead of the refrigerator... imagine my surprise when I find out this is really an English class.
Smaug June 23, 2018
Quick answer- yes. But that isn't a sentence because it lacks a verb so I'll have to go into a brief historical discussion of traditional usages that supports the validity of that sort of incomplete (or desuetudinal) sentence structures among the peoples of North America...
Kitchen B. December 18, 2012
And silly me, I meant to write mums of 'writers'....not foodies!
Kitchen B. December 18, 2012
And silly me, I meant to write 'Mums' of writers....not foodies!
Sam1148 December 17, 2012
I'm kidding here...I wish for the edit button back on food52, I can't speel wll. We all make mistakes posting add answer too quickly. (g).
MrsWheelbarrow December 17, 2012
um, unfrozen - not unfrozed. (My English teacher mother is rolling her eyes.)
Kitchen B. December 17, 2012
Cathy it appears that many mums of foodies are English teachers. I know the feeling!!!

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Sam1148 December 17, 2012
Are the parentheses needed in your statement? You should also capitalized the U in Um as it is the beginning of the sentence. The hyphen between 'unfrozen and unfrozed' is not needed as a comma would do. You're welcome.
MrsWheelbarrow December 17, 2012
I just tested this! I had a huge block of cream cheese (from Costco - the HUGE one!) and realized I had no time to use it, so I sliced it into 4 ounce blocks, wrapped in plastic, and then froze the blocks in a zip bag.

Last week, I took out one of the blocks and let it defrost. It was a little weird, texturally, for spreading on toast, but I used it in rugelach dough and it worked perfectly.

I also defrosted the cream cheese for cheesecake, and I think it worked BETTER than unfrozed cream cheese. More experimentation is necessary, but the short answer to your question is - YES, you can freeze it.
em-i-lis December 17, 2012
agreed!! and if you're going the cheesecake route, you can freeze those too in my experience.
Nancy June 24, 2018
Similar good experience with freezing cheesecakes.
Also, have frozen pasta dish which included cream cheese and it tastes as good frozen-and-reheated as in original making
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