Hey @Food52Hotline can I freeze a cheese ball to use Christmas day? Cream cheese, cheddar, lemon juice & cilantro.



Julie B. December 18, 2014
You can freeze cheese if your sole purpose it to cook with it. Freezing cheese with change the texture of the cheese... It will crumble and be drier. Because you want to make this and serve it on Christmas Day I would suggest that you make up the Cheese ball but do not roll it in any outside coating ( nuts, parsley, etc) Cover the "naked" cheese ball with plastic wrap and put it in your Ref. On the day of your party, take it out of refrigerator, and roll it in your topping. The cheese ball will last in your ref for several weeks.
mrathmel December 18, 2014
Makes sense. Thank you Julie. I guess I wasn't thinking about it being safe to keep it refrigerated for a week or so. I was planning to put the coating on right before I served anyway. Thanks again, I'm going to go ahead and make and keep in fridge.
Liza's K. December 18, 2014
Some cheese balls freeze well, and others don't make it through the thawing process. It depends on the ratio of cream cheese to cheddar in your case. The more the cream cheese, the rougher time you'll have defrosting without it disintegrating.
mrathmel December 18, 2014
Thank you. I'm going to try. Ratio is 1 pkg cream cheese to 2 c cheddar. Have had success with 1 pkg cream cheese & 2 c blue cheese. Wasn't sure about the cheddar.
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