chocolate ganache

I am dipping brownie squares in ganache. I have let the brownies cool, but do I refrigerate after dipping? I want a shiny hard shell. Using a heavy cream, semisweet chocolate and corn syrup recipe.

  • Posted by: NomNom
  • December 18, 2012


NomNom December 18, 2012
The test piece in the fridge hardened with a semigloss glaze but I don't like the fridge action on the brownie. The counter piece glossed over shiny and nice, but not stackable. I glazed part of the pan, and I think I like brownies without icing.
hardlikearmour December 18, 2012
Did it work out okay? If you try again I'd suggest the "mirror glaze" found in the middle of this page:
It is similar to a ganache in ingredients, but the proportions are different and it turns out like what you're looking for.
NomNom December 18, 2012
Yes, I'm hoping. Like the coating on a ding-dong.
hardlikearmour December 18, 2012
Ganache will be soft at room temperature, so I'd definitely put the dipped brownies in the fridge. Are you looking for a shell like you'd expect on a chocolate coated candy?
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