I want to take a recipe for chocolate-dipped pretzels and add mint extract, but I wasn't sure how much extract to use. It's 10 oz of chocolate - any ideas?



betteirene December 12, 2010
For Thanksgiving, I made cheater marshmallow fudge and instead of using regular chocolate chips, I used a bag of Andes candy morsels. I thought it turned out just okay, but two of my grandchildren thought the fudge was better than all the other candy I made, including the peanut butter balls. Now they want me to do pretzels and cookies with the Andes, so I probably will.
drbabs December 12, 2010
I would make some plain chocolate, too--not everyone likes mint-flavored chocolate.
mrslarkin December 12, 2010
I agree w iuzzini. Start teeny. & the candy canes sound yummy too!
iuzzini December 12, 2010
Peppermint extract is so potent- Would start with 1/4 tsp and then taste- (you can put a bit of the mixture onto a pretzel and then freeze it briefly so you can quickly assess how minty it will be once the chocolate is hardened) Also, might depend if you are going to crush some candy canes on top (if you are, there's currently another food pickle thread about best ways to do this).
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