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I will be in Florence, It, this spring visiting my college student. I'd love to do some cooking while there, and take advantage of the markets. I'd love any really recent recommendations (I have been there a couple of times before)for any food and cooking related adventures. Would especially love if anyone has a lead on the rental of a small apartment with a kitchen! Grazie!



BoulderGalinTokyo February 6, 2013
I have copied all these wonderful answers and hope we can use them on our next trip. Thanks to all suggestions, and healthierkitchen for a great thread!
healthierkitchen February 5, 2013
thanks Giuseppina, I will take a look!
Giuseppina M. February 5, 2013
Ciao, have a look at La Pentola delle Meraviglie Cooking School in Florence run by Barbara
Giuseppina M. February 5, 2013
Ciao, have a look at La Pentola delle Meraviglie Cooking School in Florence run by Barbara
healthierkitchen January 29, 2013
Pamela - thanks for the info. I just ordered your recent book and now finally have gotten back to this question and see your answer here! I'm not sure if our schedule will allow me to do a day trip, but I would love to so as it gets closer I will see if I can make it work.
Pamela S. December 21, 2012
Great responses so far. I second the app Eat Florence and classes with Judy Witts. You might also check for classes. And if you want to get out in the countryside, you can do a class at my farm in Montepulciano!
If you don't have a car, we'll pick you up at the Chiusi train station, just an hour south of Florence.
Kim O. December 19, 2012
We just went there a couple of weeks ago and ate tons of amazing food...I'd suggest buying minichelli's 'Eat Florence' app. It was soooo helpful, has a map, can be accessed without Internet, and covers everything from restaurants to markets, to kitchen stores, coffee, etc. We went with a pretty serious plan of action and by the end just used her suggestions for every meal because they were so spot on. Our favourites? Trattoria Sostanza for the pollo al burro (butter chicken), Nerbone in the market for cheap spicy bollito and lampredotto sandwiches (breakfast or lunch), and Zeb for an amazing meal (truffle covered pasta, eggplant parm, HUGE plate if roasted veggies) in a cool setting (only good for small groups). Happy eating!!
bigpan December 18, 2012
The food market is very good in Florence. Best to go in the morning.
And, you "must" go for lunch at Trattoria Ponte Vecchio and have pear stuffed sachette in the white truffle cream sauce. If not on the menu, just ask for it.

It is worth the wait while they make it fresh.
healthierkitchen December 18, 2012
Many thanks for all the promising leads!
boulangere December 18, 2012
I'm so sorry not to have answered your email! It's been a riotous Christmas party season, and I'm finally getting a day off today. We stayed at the Residence San Niccolò, and couldn't have been happier. Its location was perfect - our bedroom window looked out over the Arno, which was incredibly beautiful, and it is a short walk to almost everywhere from it. There are lots of markets in the area, and the kitchen was heavenly to have. We had all the dishware, pots & pans, etc. that we needed, as well as a small fridge. I did a lot of cooking for her and her friends, and enjoyed every minute of making Italian food in Italy. Oh, and there is even a laundry room - free!;
healthierkitchen December 18, 2012
thanks Cynthia, I will check it out. I envision cooking for my son and his friends, too!
em-i-lis December 18, 2012
W, we have rented some really great apartments in Florence via all have had kitchens and if you can find one near St. Ambrogio market, you'll be in heaven w/ the produce and pasta stalls not to mention the best panificio (i think) and some great bakeries. i'll message you my sister's info too- she's lived there for 6 yrs and has real estate agent friends! also might know about cooking classes!
em-i-lis December 18, 2012
meant airbnb or homeliday, not vrbo...
ChefJune December 18, 2012
I suggest contacting Judy Witts Francini. Her website is She's lived in Tuscany, teaching cooking and taking folks around the area for more than 25 years now. She's a lot of fun and very knowledgeable.
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