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I'm taking my daughter to San Diego for spring break. Do you have any restaurant recommendations that a nine year old will love? She is not a picky eater. We love Jim Lahey styled pizza also, if there are any good pizza places.

Stephanie G


paseo February 2, 2014
Since you are in LJ (good choice, by the way) if you like fish, The Fishery on Cass in Pacific Beach is really wonderful as is el Pescador (also on Pearl near Sammy's). Piatti on Ave de la Playa in LJ Shores is another good choice with a great patio.
Stephanie G. February 2, 2014
Thanks! We are staying in La Jolla for 1 week so those recommendations are especially appreciated.
paseo February 2, 2014
Sammy's Wood Fired Pizza in La Jolla on Pearl + other SD locations. Website has locations and menu. The Cottage on Fay is nice for lunch on the patio. Lots to do for kids in LJ along the shore.
pierino February 2, 2014
Fish! I like King's Fish House in Mission Valley. This is a small California chain with, I think, only four or five locations. Reliably fresh and delicious.
For something more upmarket Oceanaire down in the Gas Lamp district is superb.
Kristen W. February 1, 2014
I have not actually been there, but as a parent of a young child (younger than yours) MANY people have recommended to me the Station Tavern in South Park. It's a very kid-friendly and yet hip burger-and-salads type of place, and the building itself has apparently won an architectural award. People with kids seriously seem to love this place.

I also like The Mission Cafe in North Park for a hearty, unpretentious breakfast or lunch. The food is pretty basic, but it's tasty and kid-friendly, I think. It gets very crowded at brunch-time on weekends and there can be long waits to get in though, so weekdays may be more practical.

Soda & Swine on Adams Ave. is good too. They have a small a la cart menu of only sliders, sides, and -- as you might have guessed -- unusually flavored sodas. Everything I've had there has been really yummy -- esp. the smoked pork slider.

Bear in mind that these aren't higher-end places at all; I'm just trying to think of places with fairly simple, tasty food and a casual atmosphere that a kid would enjoy.

Sorry I don't have a pizza place to recommend; when we want pizza I usually make it!

Hope this helps and enjoy your trip!
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