How long will tofu stay fresh in the refrigerator

Dorothy Ann


linaba March 8, 2018
Tofu will last three to five days after its sell-by date, if it’s not opened. If it is opened, it’ll last three to five days regardless of what the sell-by date is. Cooking tofu extends its shelf life by another three to five days.
jennaveev December 19, 2012
I have eaten tofu for over 30 years now and have never changed water daily. Every 2-3 days will do. If you forget, and water turns yellowish,
"refresh" it by first rinsing,then adding it to boiling water for 5 minutes.It will then keep for several days or be ready to use. BTW, I find tofu keeps for a couple of weeks. Also, tofu is best if drained of water by placong it on a plate and putting a weight on top for 5 minutes (I use a small,but heavy. mortar and pestle
Kim O. December 19, 2012
As soon as you open the package of tofu, rinse your leftover tofu and store it in clean water. If you replace this water everyday your tofu will last at least a week! If you don't change the water the tofu might start taking on the smells (and flavors) of your fridge, and I find goes rancid faster.
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