Most recipes call for a pound of tofu. In the grocery, the fresh tofu comes in 14 oz pkgs.; the silken in box is 12.3 oz. Where do people fi



Susan W. September 6, 2014
I would not worry about the 2-2.5 oz difference.
Pegeen September 6, 2014
The last part of your sentence was cut off....
I'm guessing the answer has to do with where you live and what the distributors ship to your local markets. Also Asian markets are probably using different distributors and converting from a metric system.

This is another topic, but: depending on the recipe, you can get away with 14 oz. instead of 16 oz. if the recipe calls for tofu in cubes or chunks as one of many ingredients such as vegetables, noodles, etc. But for a recipe that is based on a smooth, tofu paste, it would be safer to be more precise and go ahead and buy the other 2 ounces. Fortunately there are lots of great things to do with the remaining tofu!
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