ideas for cucumber peels

My daughter eats about a cucumber a day, but she won't eat the skin. Any ideas for what to do with the peels? typically I throw unused vegetable parts into a pot for veg stock, but cucumber doesn't seem like something I'd want to put in there.

Kristen W.


Stephanie September 14, 2017
Cucumber salt? I imagine it'd be great for rimming a margarita, fish tacos, fresh tomatoes, etc. I'm thinking this recipe might be a great jumping off point...
rue September 12, 2017
you can use it as a fertilizer
susan G. December 24, 2012
fhp, I don't have the recipe for cucumber jelly. It was made and sold by Elsie Masterton (author of 3 Blueberry Hill cookbooks) during the 1960's. It was pretty, light, and fine shreds of cucumber peel made it a visual pleasure. It has peeled, ground cucumbers and lemon zest... and that's all I know.
Kristen W. December 21, 2012
Thanks for your creative suggestions! I think I'll try several of them. (The cucumbers are organic, by the way.)
susan G. December 20, 2012
There is a limiting factor to consider -- if they are waxed, they shouldn't be used for food! If not, consider a cucumber jelly with shredded peels (very appealing...). Or part of vegetable stock ingredients. And (to state the obvious) wash them -- in winter especially, unless organic, they are coming from distant and very commercial sources.
fhp December 21, 2012
Mmm cucumber jelly sound like the next new thing. Have a recipe?
pierino December 19, 2012
For something radical you could try using them as a sushi wrap.
bigpan December 19, 2012
Base should be vase - iPads always INcorrect spelling !
bigpan December 19, 2012
Can be wrapped around inside a base for a floral display.
Put in a large water jug for a refreshing drink.
Chop into shreds for a top garnish on canapés.
Shred into a salad.
Chop and add to mayo in a sandwich.
Put in the garborator.
em-i-lis December 19, 2012
i compost all mine that i don't feed to my dog. if you don't have a dog or compost, perhaps you could put some in pitcher of water and stick it in the fridge? i love cucumber-infused water. peels might give a more subtle flavor than do cuc rounds but it might be worth a shot...
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