Borage ?

Just bought a pot of borage and planted it in my garden. It is deer resistant. (yay!) and the leaves and flowers supposedly taste like cucumbers .
Any ideas for using it?

  • Posted by: jamcook
  • April 21, 2014


mainecook61 April 21, 2014
Borage will also self-seed, if you let it.
jamcook April 21, 2014
Thanks everyone... Maybe I should get some more plants! Let's hope they really are " deer resistant" .Trena , I love Nasturtiums ,and used to to plant them every year , putting them in salads and on cakes,until they became beloved by both deer and raccoons.
Maedl April 21, 2014
BBC's website has a few recipes for borage. There are also some ideas here:

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lifeandlarder April 21, 2014
Freeze the pretty purple blue flowers (with water) in ice cubes. They look beautiful in drinks and have a sweet honey like flavour. Because they are edible, you can safely use them as a garnish. The leaves are a little prickly and I wouldn't like to eat them, but believe they are used for medicinal purposes. Make an English Pimms punch on a beautiful spring day. All you need is Pimms, Canadian style dry ginger ale, orange slices, cucumber spears, bruised mint and the borage ice cubes.
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