Looking for the Foie Gras recipe and technique shown on last Monday's Diners Drive-Ins n Dives. I think it was somewhere in Nags Head

It was briefly poached in a cheesecloth "roll"



Sharls January 4, 2013
I don't mean to offend anybody or tell u what to eat. Maybe a little Valium would go nicely with your Foie Gras.
pierino December 21, 2012
That should have read "anthropomorphic". I never thought I'd find myself defending a dork like Guy Fieri, but...
Sharls December 20, 2012
Foie Gras is made from the liver of a duck or goose whom has been force fed by a tube and funnel in order to increase the size of his liver in
order to feed people who prefer the taste of a fatted liver. A very cruel process. FYI
pierino December 21, 2012
I beg to differ with Sharis here. The ducks actually run to the feeding tube (they are just tricked into thinking it's time to fatten up for winter). They are water fowl and don't have a larynx like humans. They can swallow whole fish if they want. This is another case of anthropomorhic distortion. Humans project this sense of well intended if misguided humanity onto creatures that aren't human. If you eat animal flesh you should be willing to eat every part that's edible. But the feeding practice is not in itself "very cruel."
Pamela731 December 21, 2012
First of all I know exactly what Foie Gras is. I didnt ask whether you approve or not--that's not my business, nor yours. I also happen to devour Chilean sea bass. This site, I believe a a QnA help site; not an activist one. You eat what you like and I'll do the sane.
drbabs December 20, 2012
Is this what you're looking for?
SMSF December 20, 2012
You might want to try the Food Network website - I believe they have links to each show there.
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