How to make ham palatable?

I hate ham. (love italian preparations, but not the sweet American kind) Something about the sweet, salty cured flavor just does not appeal. And then there is the texture...A kind soul sent us a Virginia ham for Christmas. What do I do with it? I am not sure I can just eat it sliced.....are there sauces, preparations, or recipes that will somehow mitigate the haminess?. I thought of putting some in a frittata...other ideas?

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • December 22, 2012


cookbookchick December 23, 2012
sexyLAMBCHOPx is right - true Virginia ham is sliced paper thin and often served with biscuits ("ham biscuits"). If it is a real Virginia cured ham it is much more like Italian ham than the supermarket variety that you say doesn't appeal to you. My father used to bring one home every Christmas, a gift from a business associate. I remember sneaking thin slices from where it sat in the fridge - so good and so different from the ordinary Sunday supper type of ham.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 22, 2012
How about shaving some of it paper-thin for sandwiches or save it for an impronu gatherig to serve. If you have any parties coming up you could bring southern style ham biscuits for a buffet. If all else fails, pass the love to someone who would appreciate its hamminess or donate to a shelter.
Sam1148 December 22, 2012
The big question here is it dried salt cured ham? In a cotton bag?
If so they normally need to be soaked and cooked. I say normally as if it's smoked and dried some just brush the mold off it and slice it thin like Prosciutto, it depends on the aging process and your tastes. Most will soak a dried VA ham and cook it.
bigpan December 22, 2012
Divide it into various meals, a main with a mustard sauce or raisin sauce (both traditional), or a chutney. Some small chunks would go nice in a split pea soup which can be frozen for another time. Freeze some slices to have with eggs for a breakfast, or a sandwich. Place in a crescent roll with some mustard, etc etc.
Merrill S. December 22, 2012
How about making gougeres and folding finely chopped ham into the batter? You could also make plain gougeres and then mix chopped ham into a cheesy bechamel and then fill the gougeres with that.
Hagerty December 22, 2012
Put it unto a soup. There are all kinds of great soup recipes that call for ham or would be great with the addition of ham.
Marian B. December 22, 2012
Try throwing it in a frittata or another egg dish in small pieces -- with the eggs and other flavors added (herbs, vegetables, cheese) it may be less noticeable. And then there's always regifting!
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