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Can you use the pan juices from a baked ham to make any thing?

We baked a ham on Sunday and I saved the juices that were in the pan. It's quite salty. Can the juices be used for anything?

asked by Rachelwrites about 2 months ago
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added about 2 months ago

Since the juices are salty, like you say, I would save them and add to a lentil or split pea soup. That way, since it's a big batch of something, it will be hard to overwhelm with the salt. Or, I feel like that would be really tasty in a strata or savory bread pudding with some bits of leftover ham, with the juices just mixed in with the eggs/milk for flavor.

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added about 2 months ago

I'm told they make gravy out of bologna in Wisconsin- why not ham?

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added about 2 months ago

I make this recipe frequently with leftover pan juices. I have successfully used ham drippings. Just add a few spoonfuls and don't add salt until the end. Taste and see -- you may not need any. Delicious!

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Chops is a trusted home cook.

added about 2 months ago

The first dish that came to mind is biscuits with country ham gravy. I agree that you could dilute the gravy drippings to make a hearty lentil dish, and add to anything that requires liquid - rice, mashed potatoes, stew or a gravy if you have any leftover ham. You could freeze it until you decide.