Can you use the pan juices from a baked ham to make any thing?

We baked a ham on Sunday and I saved the juices that were in the pan. It's quite salty. Can the juices be used for anything?



sexyLAMBCHOPx November 30, 2016
The first dish that came to mind is biscuits with country ham gravy. I agree that you could dilute the gravy drippings to make a hearty lentil dish, and add to anything that requires liquid - rice, mashed potatoes, stew or a gravy if you have any leftover ham. You could freeze it until you decide.
cookinginvictoria November 30, 2016
I make this recipe frequently with leftover pan juices. I have successfully used ham drippings. Just add a few spoonfuls and don't add salt until the end. Taste and see -- you may not need any. Delicious!
Smaug November 30, 2016
I'm told they make gravy out of bologna in Wisconsin- why not ham?
someonewhobakes November 30, 2016
Since the juices are salty, like you say, I would save them and add to a lentil or split pea soup. That way, since it's a big batch of something, it will be hard to overwhelm with the salt. Or, I feel like that would be really tasty in a strata or savory bread pudding with some bits of leftover ham, with the juices just mixed in with the eggs/milk for flavor.
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