Do I have options for a cheesecake crust other than graham crackers?

I don't like graham cracker crusts, and I don't know that an oreo crust would always match. But I feel like people must've done something before graham crackers were easily available. I'd be willing to make something from scratch.

  • Posted by: Scriwi
  • December 30, 2012
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1 Comment

Monita December 31, 2012
Here's a cheesecake recipe that uses ground almonds for a crust:¢er=0&gallery=275634&slide=256503 Or you can make a cheesecake crust dough:
Cream 1 stick butter with 1/4 cup sugar. Mix in 1 large yolk and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Then mix in 1/4 cup AP flour and a pinch of salt. Form disk and chill for 30 min. Foll out dough to fit snugly in a 10" springform pan. Freeze for 15 min and then bake in 350 oven until golden brown (about 18 min) Let crust cool before filling it
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